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Apple TV+ 'Shrinking' starring Harrison Ford & Jason Segal streams January 27

In a trailer, Apple has announced the premiere date for Apple TV+ comedy "Shrinking," starring Jason Segal and Harrison Ford.

"Shrinking" is a ten-part comedy written by "Ted Lasso" executives Bill Lawrence and Brett Goldstein. It stars Jason Segal, and features Harrison Ford in his first non-cameo television role since 1978's "The Star Wars Holiday Special."

"Shrinking" appears to be in a similar vein to HBO's "In Treatment," or the BBC's "Help," in that it centers on a therapist and the sessions with clients. In the case of "Shrinking," the grieving therapist (Segal) starts to tell his clients exactly what he thinks of them.

The first two episodes of the show will premiere on January 27, 2023, with the remaining eight following weekly on Fridays.