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New Apple podcast investigates 1993 World Trade Center bombing

Marking 30 years since a bomb went off in the garages below the World Trade Center's North Tower, "Operation Tradebom" is a new nine-part Apple podcast recounts the events — and the consequences.

Following its "Hooked" true crime series in 2021 about a bank robber, Apple is examining the 1993 bombing and the subsequent international investigation.

"Everybody remembers the morning of September 11, 2001, when two passenger jets flew into the World Trade Center in downtown Manhattan," says Apple in its listing for the new series. "But the idea of toppling the towers was not new."

"Thirty years ago, a group of men set off a bomb in the garage beneath the North Tower, hoping it would tumble into the South Tower," continues Apple. "At the time, this was the largest improvised explosive device ever ignited on American soil."

"Operation: Tradebom" posits that there is a direct connection between the 1993 bombing and the events that led to September 11.

A 90-second trailer is available now. The first of nine episodes will stream from January 9, 2023, and conclude on February 27, one day after the 30th anniversary.

The show is produced by Marc Smerling, previously best known as the co-producer of HBO's 2003 documentary "Capturing the Friedmans."