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Apple's 'Find My' will help you find a lost Ember Travel Mug 2+

Ember Travel Mug 2+ to have Find My

Ember is releasing an updated version of its heated Travel Mug 2+, which will work with Apple's Find My app.

Announced at CES 2023, the new mug will have an integrated speaker that can play a sound to help people find it when it's lost — much like the AirPods Pro 2. It will appear in the Find My app on iPhone, iPad, or Mac thanks to updated firmware, and it will also work with the Find Items app on Apple Watch.

The current Ember Travel Mug 2 lets people set an exact drinking temperature and maintain it for up to three hours. A touch display on the mug can increase or decrease the temperature with plus and minus symbols.

It has a temperature range of 120F to 145F, and an Auto Sleep function can intelligently sense when to turn the mug on or off. The Travel Mug also has a leakproof, push-to-open lid that will prevent spills.

Ember plans to release the Travel Mug 2+ in the spring, with the same $199 price tag as the Travel Mug 2. The updated version will also share the same core functionality.

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