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iOttie Velox Elite is an actively cooled MagSafe car charger to prevent overheating

The new iOttie Velox Elite

Announced, at CES 2023, the new iOttie Velox Elite MagSafe car charger uses active cooling to help ensure your iPhone will never overheat while driving again.

One of the most common problems with in-car chargers is that phones can quickly overheat. It's common because navigating and other tasks can tax your phone, especially while dealing with the sun.

iOttie aims to solve this issue with an actively-cooled MagSafe module. A fan sits directly behind the module to circulate cool air.

A USB-C cable connects to the front bottom of the charger and the whole charger attaches via a suction cup to your vehicle's dash.

iOttie Velox Elite from the side
iOttie Velox Elite from the side

In testing, iOttie says that its charger is 20 percent faster at 73 degrees and if the temperature rises to 80 it is 50 faster than other chargers.

Unlike others on the market, iOttie's Velox Elite is fully MagSafe-certified by Apple.

Pricing and availability are yet to be available.

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