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New Twinkly Entertainment Hub will sync LED lights with videos

The app will sync Twinkly's lights to on-screen content

Twinkly's new Entertainment Hub will let entertainers, gamers, and others synchronize Twinkly lights with audio and video content.

The desktop app can provide an immersive experience to reflect on-screen visuals alongside any form of audio into an LED light show. As a result, gamers, streamers, musicians, and entertainers can benefit from the company's newest product.

Entertainment Hub features

Using a computer's processing power, the app creates visuals directly from the audio output source for accurate audio synchronization. Users will have real-time control using the mapped layouts from the Twinkly mobile app and keyboard shortcuts to select different effects to control the visuals.

With screen mirroring, users can reflect on-screen visuals into a screen of Twinkly LED lights, mirroring any video played from any platform to enhance parties, gameplay, and more.

The Entertainment Hub can connect with all Twinkly products
The Entertainment Hub can connect with all Twinkly products

The Entertainment Hub can connect with all Twinkly products using external RGB-supported devices and peripherals with over sixteen million colors to enhance the experience. These products include Twinkly's current lineup, including Flex, Dots, Curtain, and Strings.

The company will also release a new product in 2023 called Twinkly Candies, following its launch of Twinkly Squares in late 2022, which is an interactive mosaic with "mega" pixels.

Pricing and availability for the Entertainment Hub and Twinkly Candies is currently not known.

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