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Apple considering 2025 debut of touchscreen MacBook Pro

Credit: Apple

Apple is allegedly working on adding touchscreens to its MacBook lineup, despite the previous assertion that the feature does not work well.

While Apple co-founder Steve Jobs had called touchscreen laptops "ergonomically terrible," a new rumor suggests that the company is gearing up to add a touchscreen to its MacBook Pro.

According to Bloomberg, the feature will make its debut in 2025 on an OLED MacBook Pro and will support both touch input and gestures.

Despite adding a touchscreen, the proposed model would still retain a traditional laptop design with a trackpad and keyboard.

While the company previously decried the idea of a touchscreen Mac, signs suggest it may be reversing its stance.

In 2019, Apple introduced Mac Catalyst, a way for developers to build apps that worked on both iPad and Mac.

In 2020, Apple gave Apple Silicon Macs the ability to run iPhone and iPad apps natively.