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Slow Apple TV library load times fixed in tvOS 16.4 beta

A new fix speeds up long load times on Apple TV

Apple has implemented a new fix in the tvOS 16.4 beta that fixes a persistent issue for users with large Apple TV libraries.

Those who amassed large libraries over the years have noticed a slow creep in technical debt on Apple TV hardware. Depending greatly on Internet speed, libraries in the thousands of titles would take a minute or more to load content in the Apple TV library tab.

Now, it seems that Apple is testing a fix for the problem in the latest tvOS beta. Sigmund Judge, Apple TV aficionado and editor of Screen Times, spotted the fix.

AppleInsider staff with large libraries that were impacted by the problem can also confirm that their libraries have significantly improved load times.

Apple rolled out the tvOS 16.4 developer beta on Thursday. Public beta versions of the releases generally arrive a short while after their developer counterparts, available through the Apple Beta Software Program.

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