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WhatsApp adds picture-in-picture video calls to iOS app

WhatsApp on an iPhone display.

An update to WhatsApp has enabled picture-in-picture mode for video calls, bringing the Meta-owned messaging service in line with FaceTime for the feature.

In December, WhatsApp said it was bringing picture-in-picture to iOS, with a beta test of the feature potentially allowing for it to be offered to users in the new year. In an update on February 17, the feature finally makes its way to the public.

Picture-in-picture for WhatsApp works like other messaging services that have the same feature, in that the inbound video feed is shrunk down to a small window in the corner of the screen. Like other PiP variants, this means the user can use their iPhone to access other parts of the app, or even entirely different apps, while remaining on the same call.

While the patch notes for version 23.3.77 in the App Store says the feature is supported in that version of the app, it may be some time before other users will be able to actually use it for themselves.

As part of the same update users can also add captions when sending documents to others, as well as added support for longer group subjects and descriptions.