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Apple executive shuffle to emphasize India as a sales region

Apple making India into its own sales region

The head of India at Apple is being promoted, making the country its own sales region, but it won't affect how Apple reports global earnings.

Apple reports its earnings by dividing up the world between the Americas, Greater China, Japan, the Asia Pacific, and Europe. India has been reported as a part of the Europe category, but management changes indicate Apple wants to provide greater emphasis on India.

According to a report from Bloomberg, sources familiar with the matter state that Apple is promoting its head of India to a greater executive role, making India into its own sales region. This change won't affect how Apple reports sales for now, but it does indicate Apple's push for greater emphasis on the country.

The move is occurring as a result of Hugues Asseman, Apple's vice president in charge of India, the Middle East, the Mediterranean, East Europe, and Africa, retiring. His departure paved the way for Apple to shake up management a bit, promoting the existing head of India to report directly to Apple's head of product sales Michael Fenger.

The move places the India head, Ashish Chowdhary, at a heightened executive position in charge of India as a sales region. The country is critical as a growing economic hotspot for iPhone sales, but more importantly, it is the next-best option for moving manufacturing outside of China.

Apple's supply chain has come under heavy scrutiny since it relies on China to produce parts and then manufacture a variety of products, including the iPhone. This led to a problematic quarter thanks to COVID lockdowns and riots shutting down a key iPhone 14 Pro manufacturing plant in China.