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Apple Music Classical begins rolling out to international users

Apple Music subscribers around the world are beginning to get the new Apple Music Classical app, starting with users in Australia and Asia.

The long-awaited Apple Music Classical is due to launch on March 28, 2023, but for some countries around the globe, that date has already come. Consequently the first sightings of Apple's new classical music service are beginning to appear in tweets from users in those nations.

As yet, there are only a few scattered examples of downloads in different countries. This may be because Apple does not appear to be promoting the launch, not even in countries where it is now available.

However, users who pre-ordered Apple Music Classical when it was announced, will get a notification when it is in their local App Store.

Although the service and app are not available in Canada, at time of writing, Canadian publication iPhoneInCanada has sourced a range of screenshots showing Apple Music Classical in action.

Apple Music Classical in use. (Source: iPhoneInCanada)

Apple Music Classical should be available for all Apple Music subscribers in most countries around the world. The exceptions are China, Japan, Korea, Russia, Taiwan, Turkey, Afghanistan and Pakistan, though Apple has not detailed why those countries will miss out at first.