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iOttie Velox Mini review: A compact magnetic car charger with smart cooling

The iOttie Velox Mini

iOttie Velox Mini

3.5 / 5

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The iOttie Velox Mini is a good-enough compact car charger that magnetically connects to your iPhone and uses advanced cooling to speed up charging.

Recently, iOttie started releasing an updated lineup of its Velox chargers, all with active cooling. So far, there's the Velox Pro which is adjustable, has a removable cable, and includes a power adapter in the box and then there is the Velox Mini that's much smaller.

Velox Mini has a non-removable cable
Velox Mini has a non-removable cable

The Velox Mini lacks a removable cable, isn't very adjustable, and doesn't include a power adapter in the box but it is quite affordable and still offers solid charging speeds at 7.5W thanks to that aforementioned intelligent cooling.

iOttie doesn't have an original shape for its Velox Mini, it's just a circle large enough to contain the necessary MagSafe-compatible magnets. It comes in both Astral White and Midnight Blue.

The charger connects to a standard car vent, but as with other vent-mounted chargers, it won't fit universally. Some cars have too small vents or are too shallow to work.

A common issue with vent mounts is that the heater may blow during winter months. The added heat can significantly hurt charging speeds.

Charging with the Velox Mini
Charging with the Velox Mini

While iOttie would still recommend closing that vent, this is yet another reason smart cooling is so helpful, compared to windshield-mounted chargers.

Should you buy the iOttie Velox Mini?

In a very crowded market, the iOttie Mini is enticing. It keeps the price low by omitting the power adapter and removable cable, which for many users, will be non-issues.

If you already have a charger, why bother paying a second time for one to bundle in the box of your new charger? And, you won't need to remove the power cable that often.

Velox Mini and Velox Pro boxes
Velox Mini and Velox Pro boxes

With the other chargers in the lineup, iOttie has MagSafe-compatible chargers at any price point. The cheapest option lacks active cooling, while the more expensive options are more adjustable or come with full Apple certification and 15W charging speeds.

For users that want to spend the least while not sacrificing speed, the Velox Mini may be just what you need.

iOttie Velox Mini — Pros

  • Small, compact size
  • Smart cooling for efficient charging
  • USB-C connectivity
  • Light and dark colors
  • MagSafe-compatible
  • Affordable

iOttie Velox Mini — Cons

  • Power adapter not included
  • Cable isn't removable
  • Not Apple certified

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Where to buy

Pick up the new iOttie Velox Mini — or any of iOttie's other MagSafe-compatible chargers — from the company's website starting at $44.95.