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2023 Apple Watch Pride Edition face and band design discovered in code

Apple Watch Pride Edition 2023

Code sleuths shared still images of the upcoming Apple Watch Pride Edition watch face and band, discovered via a mistake on Apple's backend.

Pride month is every June in the United States, and Apple generally releases new Apple Watch bands and a watch face in celebration. The design is usually shown in mid-May, but images discovered via an Apple server was inadvertently updated with these graphics, which were then swiftly pulled.

The new design brings back the full rainbow of colors, this time as small pill shapes. The watch face seems crowded by the sprinkle-like objects and likely animate in some fashion.

The snippet of the watch band visible in the provided images shows what might be a Sport Loop with the sprinkles scattered across. Apple sometimes releases more than one band for Pride month, so this may not be the only one.

Twitter users @Aaronp613 and @nicolas09F9 worked together to find these assets. They are generally responsible for revealing details found in beta code, but these images came from Apple's servers themselves.

According to @nicolas09F9, one of the many servers he monitors showed a change on Tuesday. was updated with this band and watch face, but then they were removed soon after.

Apple will undoubtedly announce this new Apple Watch Pride Edition sometime in May. Sport Loops are $49, and more premium models like Braided Solo Loops are $99. Considering this is the first year with Apple Watch Ultra, there could also be Ultra-focused Pride bands.