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Apple Tysons Corner will reopen on the 22nd anniversary of when it first opened

Apple Tysons is moving

After a move to the other side of the mall to a larger location, Apple's first-ever retail store is set to reopen on May 19, 22 years after its original opening date.

Tysons Corner Center, located in Northern Virginia within the Washington DC metro area, boasts hundreds of stores and restaurants, including the first-ever Apple Store. The new location, still in Tysons Corner Center, is now on the upper level between Nespresso and Victoria's Secret.

The old location is closed on Wednesday May 17, and Thursday May 18, presumably to move the retail goods down the hall. AppleInsider will be there for the opening.

Apple Tysons Corner initially opened on May 19, 2001, and significantly impacted how customers purchased Apple hardware and received product support, as well as permanently changing the landscape of physical retail.

An app created in 2022 offers a virtual walk through four historic Apple Stores, including Apple Tysons. On the site, users can virtually navigate the stores and view forgotten features and rows of software boxes. Additionally, people can hear snippets of Steve Jobs speaking as they move through the stores.