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Apple's action-packed new ad starring Donnie Yen is aimed at privacy in China

Donnie Yen Ji-dan stars in the ad

Apple has released a new video promoting its iPhone privacy features, and done it as a straight-out action flick which has been made specifically for its Chinese site.

Following its recent "The Waiting Room" ad promoting privacy over health data, Apple has released a further "Privacy on iPhone" video — but only in China. While that health ad is worldwide and on YouTube, the new one can currently solely be seen via Apple's official Chinese website.

The 63-second long film is also set in China, and is wordless apart from a Chinese-language song which is going to be in your head for the rest of the day.

In machine translation, Apple's headline for the video reads "Keep your personal information safe, which is very iPhone." It features a series of incidents where ominous men in suits take notes of ordinary people's iPhone usage — or try to.

Before they can get very far, martial arts star Donnie Yen Ji-dan steps in to stop them. Wearing a suite that is all black apart from a white Apple logo, he basically kicks butt.

The civilians remain entirely unaware of either their privacy invasion, or Apple's prevention of it, and, seriously, you'd watch the movie if this were a trailer.