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Don't compromise on cleanliness: Roborock S7 Max Ultra robot vacuum and mop makes a home sparkle

The S7 Max Ultra keeps your home clean so you don't give up your free time.

Our modern lives are busier than ever, which means sometimes choosing between a well-cleaned home and family time. With the Roborock S7 Max Ultra, you'll be able to choose both thanks to this intelligent, hands-free robot vacuum and mop.

Don't compromise a clean home any longer, as the Roborock S7 Max Ultra robot vacuum and mop system has a unique docking station, intelligent avoidance technology, powerful cleaning capabilities, and an easy-to-use app to control it from. And by purchasing a discount code now, you can bring home the cleaning platform that doesn't settle for $280 less than retail after purchase of the coupon code.

Don't wait, as this introductory offer on the new Roborock S7 Max Ultra, which was introduced on June 1, can be snapped up through June 10 only. The coupon must be redeemed between June 11 and June 30.

A robot vacuum and mop that provides a higher level of convenience

The Roborock S7 Max Ultra is designed to be as hands-free as possible. That means the all-in-one dock pulls double duty to keep your house spotless.

Three tanks allows the S7 Max Ultra to clean for weeks.
Three tanks allows the S7 Max Ultra to clean for weeks.

The Rockdock Ultra uses a three-tank design with a 2.5L dustbin capacity for vacuumed debris, a 3L clean water tank for moping, and a 2.5L dirty water tank for post-mop disposal.

These three tanks allow for up to 7 weeks of vacuuming or more than 3,000 square feet of mopping before you need to interact with the dock. And the dock enables the S7 Max Ultra to be self-cleaning, self-drying, self-emptying, and self-filling.

The dock also charges the unit up to 30% faster than before, using off-peak charging times to reduce electricity demands. Don't let your busy life get in the way of cleaning; the Rockdock helps keep your robot vacuum and mop cleaning for weeks.

Flagship cleaning performance in a robot

We all love to party, and we all love to spend time with family and friends, but none of us like the clean-up afterward. Your automatic cleaning solution should be well-equipped to handle the most intense messes, allowing you to recover in peace.

Clean up after the party while recovering.
Clean up after the party while recovering.

That's where the Roborock S7 Max Ultra beats out the competition with a unique cleaning system made to tidy up any size after-party chaos, thanks to 5,500Pa of suction, over a pound of mopping pressure, and an all-rubber brush.

The VibraRinse technology provides a moping head that rotates up to 3,000 times per minute. That functionality means up to 30% more stain removal and an overall deeper clean than other robotic cleaning units.

The extra cleaning capability pairs perfectly with the 350ml onboard dustbin and 200ml onboard mop water capacity. You also won't have to worry about wet carpets because the S7 Max Ultra uses an Auto Mop Lifting feature that gives you complete control over how to clean.

And to keep the pounding headaches at bay after a night of fun, the S7 Max Ultra operates at a quiet 67 decibels, or about as loud as a typical office conversation. Plus, with a 180-minute battery, this robot vacuum and mop can clean the whole house before needing a recharge.

Easy-to-use intelligence

It wouldn't be very hands-off if you had to constantly chaperone your cleaning system and prevent it from breaking itself. Roborock packed the S7 Max Ultra with LiDAR technology to help guide it away from potential obstacles.

The S7 Max Ultra avoids objects and keeps cleaning.
The S7 Max Ultra avoids objects and keeps cleaning.

The S7 Max Ultra will automatically avoid objects, so you don't have to remove and replace them during cleaning. Additionally, it will also suggest no-go areas, such as stairs or tight spots, to prevent it from falling, becoming damaged, or getting stuck.

Roborock app: easier than playing a mobile game

Just because the Roborock S7 Max Ultra cleaning system is hands-off doesn't mean you have no control. With the Roborock app, you have ultimate domination over the cleanliness of your home, allowing you to compromise nothing.

The easy-to-use app gives you complete control over the S7 Max Ultra.
The easy-to-use app gives you complete control over the S7 Max Ultra.

The intuitive Roborock app allows you to map cleaning routes, set precise pin-and-go cleaning locations, program multi-level cleaning, and control cleaning types, such as mop and vacuum or only one or the other.

The app also works with voice commands, allowing iPhone users to use Siri shortcuts to power their S7 Max Ultra. Furthermore, you can program your robot vacuum and mop to perform deep carpet cleaning using a horizontal and vertical cross pattern for extra cleanliness.

The Roborock app provides users with complete customization to add even more capability. Customize cleaning routes and styles, or use customized 3D maps for precision. You can even confirm suggestions made by the S7 Max Ultra.

No need to compromise on price either

The Roborock S7 Max Ultra self-cleaning system starts shipping later in June and sells for a retail price of $1,299. However, early-bird readers can purchase an exclusive coupon for only $18.99, which provides a massive 23% discount on the cleaning platform.

Spend more time with your family and less time cleaning.
Spend more time with your family and less time cleaning.

That 23% discount translates into a $299 discount, which brings the total price with the cost of the coupon down to only $1,019.96. This discount won't last long, as you must redeem the coupon by June 30.

AppleInsider readers can use this link to purchase an exclusive coupon from June 1 through June 10.

Don't compromise on a clean house any longer with an S7 Max Ultra

There's no need to compromise on a clean home with life's other demands with Roborock's robot cleaning system. Now you can have both, thanks to the powerful design which brings vacuuming and mopping together in a hands-free cleaning solution.

The Roborock S7 Max Ultra robot vacuum and mop is available in black or white colors starting June 1.