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Apple Back to School deals could start on Tuesday

Some of the Apple products from Apple's 2022 Back to School deals

Apple's Back to School promotion could start this week in the United States, a leaker claims, with a possible launch of the sales event on Tuesday following the launch of new Mac models.

The annual Back to School promotion typically takes place early in the summer, but it seems that for 2023, it may be earlier than last year. It is claimed that the educational sales event could take place on Tuesday, June 6.

According to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg via Twitter, the 2023 Back to School deal will "kick off next week (Tuesday likely)," with it timed to occur after new Macs are expected to be announced at WWDC. In 2022, the promotion started on June 24, making the 2023 edition seemingly a few weeks early.

In previous years, Apple offered bonuses on top of educational discounts of up to 10% on major products, including Mac models and iPad. In 2022, this included gift cards worth up to $150, and in years past, it has even offered AirPods for qualifying purchases.

It is unclear exactly what direction Apple's promotion will take, but it should provide a similar level of value to consumers as previous editions.

It also remains to be seen if any of the expected Mac launches will be purchasable under the deal, or if Apple will reserve the offers for existing models to try and cut down on inventory.