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Engwe M20 ebike review: Fewer adjustment capabilities with solid motor power

Engwe M20

Engwe M20 Electric Bike

3.5 / 5

The Engwe M20 electric bike is a fun ride, but the limited options for customization may not make it the perfect fit for everyone.

While usually expensive, acquiring an e-bike has many benefits — especially if you live in the city or near a nature trail. They are great for enjoying the scenery around you with little-to-no pedaling or receiving assistance when tackling a steep hill.

The Engwe M20 is another addition to Engwe's extensive catalog of bikes, and while it is very well made, it is only optimal for some — but not all — riders out there.

Assembling the Engwe M20 ebike

Putting together the Engwe M20 is straightforward and should take roughly 45 minutes.

Putting together Engwe M20
Putting together Engwe M20

Upon opening the box, we realized the M20 was already halfway built, and the rear tire and seat were already attached. This meant that the majority of the remaining work was assembling the front of the bike.

The instructions are easy to follow, but if you need a more visual guide, there are YouTube videos detailing the setup process of the M20. The box also includes all the tools you need to assemble the bike.

The only part that became a hassle was attaching the front headlights. We had some trouble getting the screws to stay in place, but we were finally successful after several attempts.

While you can build this bike yourself, we strongly recommend doing it with another person, which will be helpful when attaching the front tire and connecting both bike pedals.

When taking care of your bike, you can bring it to a bike repair shop or take on the upkeep yourself.

Engwe M20 ebike design

The Engwe M20 is designed like similar e-bikes and keeps the sturdy build that Engwe has incorporated into their other bikes.

Being built from lightweight 6061 aluminum alloy, the M20 weighs nearly 77 pounds and can carry a maximum of 265 pounds. Engwe advises that the bike is intended for people between 5' to 6'8".

Engwe M20 all-terrain fat tires
Engwe M20 all-terrain fat tires

On the M20 are two 20 x 4-inch three-layer all-terrain fat tires made from carbon nano-braided rubber, and the inner tube is constructed with butyl rubber.

The tires have dual 160mm disc brakes with fast heat dissipation. This ensures that you will stop safely if you ever need to brake suddenly.

Engwe M20 front dual headlights
Engwe M20 front dual headlights

In the front of the bike are two high-brightness LED headlights that will illuminate the path in front of you. They also provide low beams that will always stay on for extra safety.

The bike has a rear headlight that helps cars spot you in dark or dimly-lit areas and alerts them when you are braking. Additionally, the pedals are reflective for increased visibility.

Power switch, USB-A port, and charging port
Power switch, USB-A port, and charging port

The 48V13Ah lithium-ion battery, located under the handlebars, has a power switch on the right side to power on the bike and a USB-A port to plug in and charge devices.

On top of the battery is a battery-level indicator showing you the current power level — ranging from F (full) to E (empty) — in different colored lights. A charging port is also located in the same area, and the bike can be fully charged within five hours.

A key insert on the other side can unlock and remove the battery with the included keys. You do not need to insert the keys to power the bike, though, unlike with the Engwe EP-2 Pro.

Engwe M20 battery indicator
Engwe M20 battery indicator

Unlike other bikes where the seat may be in the middle of the design, the seat on the M20 is pushed to the back. The seat differs from a standard bike seat as it is longer and slightly wider.

The tallest part of the seat is about 33 inches off the ground and, unfortunately, cannot be altered in any way.

The gap between the handlebars and the seat is 26 inches long and is intended for an additional battery to be added to the M20. The bike comes in two versions, one with a dual battery and one with a single battery. For this review, we received the single-battery version.

Engwe M20 seat
Engwe M20 seat

You can use the empty area to add an extra battery or compatible accessories by screwing them into the provided holes. You also have the option of using the attachable rack bag that is included with your purchase.

The LCD display on the left side of the handlebars tells you the current battery status, your current speed, and how far you have gone in kilometers. Above the display is the power button, and below are two additional buttons — one to power the headlights and the other to activate the M20's bell.

On the right side of the handlebars, you will find the Shimano 7 Speed gear shift that can be manually configured when changing inclines. The motor's throttle can also be found here, taking up most of the handlebar.

Unlike other e-bikes that allow you to adjust the position of the handlebars depending on your height, the M20's handlebars stay put and cannot be positioned differently.

Engwe M20 ebike functionality

The Engwe M20 is designed to provide a powerful and enjoyable riding experience, whether pedaling or not.

A 48V 1000W brushless motor is attached to the M20, allowing the bike to reach speeds up to 28mph — depending on terrain, rider weight, and weather.

Depending on the electric mode you have set for pedal assist, the M20 can travel a range of 34.17 miles while set to Electric Mode 1 on a single charge. If you are set to PAS Mode 1, that range can increase to 47 miles.

Pedaling with the motor active will make you go faster than just utilizing the engine independently, but just using the motor still gives you great speed. The maximum incline the M20 can climb is ten degrees, and the bike's speed will differ depending on the incline's severity.

While other e-bikes may have a single bell to ring to notify people you are approaching, the M20 has a horn built into it instead. Pressing the horn button once will let off a quick horn blare, and holding it down for an extended period will extend that blare.

Engwe M20 headlights and horn buttons
Engwe M20 headlights and horn buttons

Two buttons beneath the LCD display let you choose the level of pedal assist you want. This allows you to activate the motor when pedaling, which is especially useful when faced with a steep hill.

The motor throttle and right handlebar are combined, which makes starting the engine easier but raises safety concerns.

When riding the bike, you may not realize that tilting your hand on the handlebar can cause the bike to jolt forward without warning. If you use pedal assist level one, you won't experience this issue. However, any other level may cause it to toggle.

Engwe M20 motor throttle
Engwe M20 motor throttle

While converting the whole handlebar into the throttle is convenient, the design could potentially be dangerous to first-time riders.

Riding with the Engwe M20 ebike

Riding with the Engwe M20 was an enjoyable experience that lived up to the hype that Engwe advertises for the bike.

At first, the seat seemed pretty far back, but after riding for a while, we got used to the seat's position and found it very comfortable.

While testing the M20, we had two people of different heights try it out — one 5'1" and the other 5'10". Both riders say they were comfortable riding the bike with no issues reaching the pedals or handlebars. During the ride, the taller rider mentioned that pedaling was a bit uncomfortable because the seat could not be raised.

The motor was very responsive when turning the throttle or pedaling with pedal assist activated, and all controls were within reach. The LCD screen was easy to see, even in bright sunlight, and the text was big enough to interpret important information at a glance.

The buttons were noticeable enough to identify their location without diverting your attention from the path.

Engwe M20 LCD screen
Engwe M20 LCD screen

When going over bumps, cracks, and different terrains, the M20 held up very well with no show of struggling to overcome them. Going from pavement to grass was a breeze, and it didn't feel like there was a difference in the terrain.

The M20 absorbed any bumps we encountered, making the ride smooth and preventing any loss of control.

The M20 bike handled hills with ease, only slowing down on steep inclines. We tested it on a semi-steep hill, and although it climbed at a reduced speed, it successfully reached the top.

The brakes on the M20 are very responsive and bring the bike to a stop quickly if need be. However, when used, the brakes squeaked and squealed quite a bit.

Powerful Engwe M20 ebike motor, but weak adjustment capabilities

The Engwe M20 is a great bike that offers a powerful riding experience while keeping it smooth and safe.

While everyone has different preferences for the bike they like, the M20 may not be for every rider out there. There are better options than this for taller individuals, but this is a well-built bike for smaller riders.

Engwe M20
Engwe M20

Going over bumps and different terrains was a piece of cake for the M20, and the motor was very responsive once activated. The engine was noticeable while riding due to its sound, but it wasn't irritating.

Braking is another story, though, because the M20 screeched and squeaked every time we slightly hit the brakes.

One addition that would be nice to have is a water bottle holder placed somewhere on the aluminum alloy body. This would be an excellent addition to the M20, and very useful when taking your water bottle on long bike rides.

Having an app that provides information on the battery's power level, distance traveled, tire pressure, and maintenance schedule would enhance the use of the M20.

The Engwe M20 is a high-quality bike with various impressive features to enhance your riding experience. If you're around five feet tall, this bike could be a great fit for you. However, if you're taller and looking for a more comfortable ride, you may want to consider an e-bike with an adjustable seat.

Engwe M20 ebike - Pros

  • Powerful motor
  • USB-A port in the battery
  • Quick and smooth brakes
  • Bright headlights

Engwe M20 ebike - Cons

  • No accompanying app
  • No water bottle holder
  • Screeched when braking

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Where to purchase the Engwe M20

You can purchase the Engwe M20 from Amazon in your choice of black, white, or green. The single-battery model starts at $1,299, and the dual-battery model starts at $1,599. At the time of this review, a $180 on-page coupon is available on both models.