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Apple raises iCloud+ pricing in the UK and other markets


Apple has raised the prices of iCloud+ in the United Kingdom and other markets, making it a bit more expensive to go beyond the initial free 5GB allowance.

Apple periodically adjusts the prices of its various products and services, typically to account for currency fluctuations, tax alterations, and other gradual financial changes. In an update on Tuesday, Apple has tweaked the pricing of its standalone cloud storage service in the UK.

Under the price changes, iCloud+ will cost UK users 8.99 pounds ($11.44) for the 2 terabyte plan, including sales tax. Previously, this cost 6.99 pounds ($8.90), and reflects an increase of 28%.

The increase also happened to the 200GB tier, which rose from 2.49 pounds ($3.17) to 2.99 pounds ($3.80) overnight. This is a 20% increase over the earlier pricing.

Of the three tiers, the 50GB introductory level remains unchanged, priced at 99 pence ($1.26).

While the UK is stung by a slight increase, Apple didn't change pricing for the United States, Canada, and many other markets. The UK isn't alone in seeing changes either, as some other markets saw changes to iCloud pricing as part of the same update.

For example, prices have gone up in Brazil, Bulgaria, Colombia, Denmark, Peru, Egypt, and Norway, yet have dropped slightly in Iceland.

However, in the UK, Apple One bundle pricing including storage has remained the same.