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Beats Studio Pro expected July 19, says leaker

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Backing up recent rumors, a new leak claims that Apple will release the Beats Studio Pro headphones shortly, in multiple colors and packing high-end features.

The rumored Beats Studio Pro were spotted in an FCC filing on June 20, 2023, and now further details including the specific release date have emerged. While other dates have been mentioned, the most recent leak says the headphones will be available from Wednesday, July 19, 2023.

This report comes from Myke Hurley and the "Connected" podcast, where he says an anonymous source has contributed the date and many more details.

"So these will be releasing on July 19th," he says on the show, as spotted by MacRumors. "They will come in a number of colors. Actually in the images, Black Navy Sandstone and Deep Brown."

Hurley also says that the Beats Studio Pro will support Apple's Find My, have spatial audio, and also upgraded "voice targeting microphones." They are also expected to come in a new carrying case and feature "optimized sound profiles that are called Beat Signature Entertainment and Conversation."

Previous rumors have backed up the claim that the new headphones will feature active noise cancellation, but those also said there would be a transparency mode, similar to that on the AirPods Pro. Hurley says that his source implies there won't be any transparency option, however.

The existence of the forthcoming Beats Studio Pro was also revealed in code references in a macOS beta in May 2023.