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iPhone 15 rumored to get much bigger batteries

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Apple may increase the size of the batteries used in the iPhone 15, with each version rumored to get a big jump in capacity versus the iPhone 14 counterpart.

Apple prides itself on offering all-day battery life for its devices, including its flagship item, the iPhone. While the storage improvements in the iPhone 14 series weren't huge compared to the iPhone 13, it is claimed that the iPhone 15 will enjoy a considerable power boost.

According to a Weibo posting in a report from ITHome, the iPhone 15 generation will gain between 350mAh and 600mAh in battery capacity across the board.

The iPhone 15 will grow from the 3,279mAh unit in the iPhone 14 to a 3,877mAh version, the report alleges. For the iPhone 15 Plus, the battery will increase from 4,325mAh to 4,912mAh.

On the Pro model side, the report alleges the iPhone 15 Pro will get a 3,650mAh battery versus 3,200mAh in the iPhone 14 Pro. Lastly, the iPhone 15 Pro Max will apparently use a 4,852mAh battery instead of a 4,323mAh variant.

By contrast, the iPhone 14 Pro saw a 105mAh year-on-year increase, the iPhone 14 a 52mAh increase, and the iPhone 14 Pro Max a 29mAh decrease.

While higher capacities is always a good thing to hear in rumors, the report itself states that the data may not be accurate. Also, the Weibo source, who claims to be a Foxconn insider, says the information is 80% accurate.

Normally, changes in battery capacities aren't necessarily going to benefit consumers directly, as the device itself may have different power requirements to previous generations. If the figures are true, it's likely that Apple will end up boasting about multi-hour improvements to battery life, especially if other power-saving features are introduced at the same time.