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New ad campaign tells you to 'Pay the Apple Way'

Apple has launched a new campaign for Apple Pay in the United States and the United Kingdom, telling iPhone owners they should "Pay the Apple Way."

Launched on Tuesday, the campaign titled "Pay the Apple Way" aims to encourage more people to use Apple Pay to handle transactions in their daily lives.

Rather than handling a large wallet or exposing card numbers while fumbling around with multiple cards, the campaign instead hints to Apple device users that Apple Pay is less complicated and more convenient. Paying the Apple Way is also more secure and private, using the same level of protection as users already receive for their data.

As part of the campaign, a Digital Out-Of-Home experience will be offered at prominent streets and malls on both sides of the Atlantic. In the UK, London, Birmingham, and Manchester will see the promotion, while Atlanta and Dallas will be the venues in the United States.

A quartet of new video advertisements will also air in the two countries, using humor to pass the message along.

Apple is also going to use a collection of content creators to make spots for TikTok using the line. Each creator will be offered a personalized version of the query "Can I [Blank] with Apple Pay?", which will result in a video for the platform.