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Google Chrome gets iOS & macOS update with new features

Google Chrome update

Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers available and is the go-to alternative to Apple's Safari — and both iOS and Mac versions got an update today.

Google has announced a few updates for its cross-platform browser across iOS and desktop. The iOS update focuses on giving users more opportunities to initiate searches, while the desktop update is more modest.

What's new with iOS Chrome

There are four new search-specific features available in the new Chrome update.

The address bar is now more content-aware of the webpage you're visiting. That means if you select the address bar while browsing a website, search suggestions will appear under "Related to this page."

New search functions in Chrome for iOS
New search functions in Chrome for iOS

Trending searches will soon appear in the iOS version of Chrome, similar to how they have on Android. Tap on the address bar and scroll down to see these suggestions when they appear later in 2023.

Related searches are coming to the iOS version of Chrome. These appear on a card at the bottom of the app when a word or object is selected.

Finally, Chrome for iOS will show ten total search suggestions instead of six. As always, more relevant results will appear at the top.

Chrome for macOS update

Desktop Chrome users should be well acquainted with how downloaded files appear in the browser window. They populated a section at the bottom of the window and would often be difficult to find in a pinch.

Google says it is addressing longtime user complaints and moving downloads to a tray next to the address bar. This location is more modern and standardized across other browsers like Safari.

The download tray is visible whenever a download is in progress or within the last 24 hours of a download. It offers expected features like the ability to pause, resume, or stop a download.

New downloads location in desktop Chrome
New downloads location in desktop Chrome

The new location also helps give users more content to view about a download, like warnings or errors. Files that are determined to be dangerous are clearly labeled.

Also, by moving the download section into the UI chrome by the address bar, websites can no longer spoof the bottom download tab within a webpage. This gives users more awareness when a website is being malicious.

Google has added more options for the download view in settings.

The latest release of Chrome is now available with the new download view. Google says developers will need to follow its guidelines to ensure users know where to find the new download area when providing instructions.

Get these updates from Apple's App Store on iOS or via the Chrome website for desktop.