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Supreme Court backs Apple in App Store payment row — for now

Epic Games "1984" inspired anti-Apple ad

The US Supreme Court has rejected a request from Epic Games to force Apple to change its App Store rules before its appeals process completes.

Apple predominantly won its case against Epic Games, but Apple was ordered to change its anti-steering practices. Apple has challenged the ruling and ultimately petitioned the Supreme Court to review the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals decision.

While an appeal is in progress, Apple has been able to delay making changes to the App Store. By applying for an appeal, it gained 90 days grace, and should the process go to trial, it could be much longer before Apple is required to do anything.

Epic Games objected to this and filed a request with the Supreme Court to have this decision overturned, and require Apple to implement changes immediately.

"The undisputed evidence establishes that the injunction will limit Apple's ability to protect users from fraud, scams, malware, spyware, and objectionable content," an Epic Games filing said.

Judge Elena Kagan did not cite any reasons for declining the request.