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Excellent Newton documentary now on YouTube

Apple's Newton MessagePad

Marking the 30th anniversary month of the launch of Apple's Newton MessagePad, the full, feature length "Love Notes to Newton" has been released on YouTube for free.

The Newton MessagePad range began to huge fanfare in August 1993, and quite some criticism, too. But as well as being a harbinger of all that was to come with the iPhone and iPad, the Newton also earned itself an army of fans who adore it to this day.

In 2018, several of them produced a first-class feature-length documentary called "Love Notes to Newton." It's simultaneously a celebration of the impact of this handheld device, and a recounting of what went so right — and what went so wrong.

Produced as a result of a crowdfunding campaign, it was released for sale over Vimeo. Five years later, and to celebrate three decades since the Newton launched, the whole documentary is now available to watch for free on YouTube.