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Customer FineWoven complaints lead to threadbare response from Apple

Apple's FineWoven case

An internal memo from Apple to retail employees offers little help regarding iPhone FineWoven case material complaints over durability and build quality.

Apple has moved away from leather products in favor of a more sustainable FineWoven material. The suede-like cloth material falls short in several ways, as we covered in our review.

Apple sent out an internal memo to retail employees in response to customer complaints and questions, and it was seen by 9to5Mac. The memo didn't offer much helpful information and repeated much of what was shared on Apple's website.

"You may get questions from customers about the appearance of the new FineWoven material, how it wears over time, and how to care for it," the memo stated. "You can let customers know the FineWoven material is made from a luxurious microtwill, with a soft yet durable suede-like texture."

When asked about durability, employees should explain that cases "may look different and show wear over time as the fibers get compressed with normal use." The memo adds that "some scratches may diminish over time."

The memo also shares previously known information, like how MagSafe accessories may leave imprints and how to clean the material. Like other Apple products, Apple recommends wiping down the case with a damp, lint-free cloth.

FineWoven may have been a mistake as a case material, though time will tell if Apple abandons the option. It is yet to be seen how the material will endure as an Apple Watch band, which are now available to order.