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Apple wants Supreme Court to reverse Epic's only 'Fortnite' antitrust victory

Suprene Court

A day after Epic Games asked the Supreme Court to review the whole antitrust case it lost, Apple has asked it to review the one part it failed to win.

Epic Games lost its trial against Apple in 2021, with the court backing Apple on nine out of ten counts. The one remaining count, that Apple used anti-steering practices to prevent developers telling users of alternative purchasing options, has continued to be debated since.

On Wednesday, Epic Games asked the Supreme Court to review the entire case — for the second time.

According to Bloomberg, a day later Apple filed its own request to the Supreme Court. In this case, it was to have the court re-examine the anti-steering count had it had lost.

Epic's accusation continues to be that Apple uses its monopoly control of the App Store, and prevents rivals creating competing app stores. It has now filed a writ of certiorari asking the Supreme Court to review the antitrust case and its ruling.

In its turn, Apple has now asked the Supreme Court to examine and review only the anti-steering ruling.

Previously, Apple has successfully petitioned for the anti-steering rules to be put on hold while it appealed the decision. It also gave Apple time to remove certain anti-steering measures.

According to Bloomberg, the Supreme Court now has to decide whether or not to take up either petitions. This is expected to take place before the end of the year.