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Apple gradually rolls out new firmware for AirTag


Apple has released new firmware for AirTag, an update that will gradually roll out to all of the tracking devices over the course of a month.

The firmware update, build number 2A61, is on its way to all AirTags around the world, but with a very slow rollout. Rather than being provided to all users in one go, it's being rolled out on a staggered basis throughout November.

According to developer @Aaronp613 on X, Apple will be distributing the firmware to one percent of users on Tuesday, October 31. By November 7, approximately 10% of devices should receive it, growing to 25% by November 14.

All accessible AirTags should be updated to the new firmware by November 28. There is no option for users to manually force an update to go through, and instead they have to wait for the update to happen gradually.

Apple has yet to advise what the update changes for the AirTag beyond the usual bug fixes and performance improvements.

Apple's last major update to the AirTag was in December 2022, which fixed an accelerometer bug.