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70mai 4K A810 Dash Cam boasts 4K video, dual-channel recording, AI smarts

70mai 4K A810 Dash Cam

The 70mai A810 has launched as a 4K HDR dashcam, one that boasts the highest video quality on the market and also helps guard your vehicle with AI.

Launched in North America in August, the 70mai 4K A810 aims to be a best-of-breed dashcam that takes picture quality serious. It's one thing to install a dashcam in a car or truck, but it's another to see clear footage of an incident.

To accomplish this, 70mai includes the Sony Starvis 2 IMX678 image sensor, one of the best-in-class dashcam sensors on the market. Compared to the original Starvis IMX415 sensor, the 1/1.18-inch 8-megapixel image sensor in Starvis 2 IMX678 includes more pixels for higher clarity and detail.

This is accomplished by using a sensor that's 68% bigger than its predecessor, with a photosensitive area increase of 90% that helps double the low-light performance. This means the sensor is exceptionally good at getting the image in dark and low-light environments, as well as having a wider dynamic range and generating less noise.

According to 70mai, the image quality has doubled, while power consumption has dropped by 30%. The dynamic range is increased by 2.5 times, and the sensitivity is up 4.5 times versus the previous sensor.

Recording at 4K, it offers HDR recording for high levels of detail and color representation. In instances where action is fast, you can even set the dashcam to run at 1080p 60fps to reduce motion blur, increasing the chance of capturing license plates and street signs clearly.

Image processing and tuning

To improve the picture further, 70mai uses its MaiColor Vivid+ Image Technology, which optimizes the footage's exposure balance, color accuracy, and stability. The system does so even when complex lighting comes into play in some environments.

There's also 70mai's self-developed IQ Tuning, which can enhance the clarity of an image when it comes to showing important elements, such as license plates. At the same time, it can reduce the visibility of irrelevant parts of the picture, such as trees or tall buildings that may appear in the upper corners of the picture.

The 70mai A810 is compact and takes little windscreen space
The 70mai A810 is compact and takes little windscreen space

The processing also helps with dark environments. Along with the F1.8 aperture to draw in as much light as possible to the sensor, there's 70mai's Night Owl Vision feature that's assisting too.

Processing the image, Night Owl Vision improves clarity, exposure balance, and color saturation for darker environments. It even deals with light glare, a common problem when dealing with external light sources.

AI Smarts

To help keep your car safe while parked, the A810 has a Smart Parking Guardian Mode that's powered by AI motion detection algorithms. The system is able to identify if there's anyone in front of your car, and behind with a rear cam installed, acting suspicious, which then activates the recording system automatically.

Furthermore, there's a built-in G-sensor that can detect unusual motions while parking and driving, with it able to start recording emergency video automatically when shakes or a collision is detected.

Working together, the two systems helps make sure you capture any vandals or potential thieves, or the occasional knock from inattentive drivers in a car park when you're away from the vehicle. This can become extremely useful in cases where you have to contact an insurance company and make a claim.

The 70mai A810 has great low-light capabilities
The 70mai A810 has great low-light capabilities

While driving, there's also an ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance System) that can give drivers warnings of potential safety issues on the road. Real-time voice alerts can play when the A810 detects the driver's departing a lane, when traffic is in motion, potential front collisions, and if pedestrians are ahead.

A built-in GPS allows the A810 to record logs and display trip data, including speed, time, and coordinates. This information can be crucial for filling out insurance claims or police reports.

The dash cam can even trace the driving route, which is made available after each trip.

Dual-Channel Recording

While you can keep recording the front of the vehicle, thanks to the camera's 150-degree field of view, the inclusion of an additional port means you can attach a rear camera or an interior camera to the A810. With its dual-channel capability, it can record two video feeds at once for wider coverage.

70mai's RC12 HDR Rear Camera can connect to the A810 for extended coverage
70mai's RC12 HDR Rear Camera can connect to the A810 for extended coverage

With it compatible with a 1080p HDR rear camera, it can provide crucial evidence for rear-end collisions. Meanwhile, a 1080p IR interior camera could be useful for monitoring the driver's behavior behind the wheel, as well as passenger activities, which can be beneficial for Uber drivers.

App Access

While the A810 includes a built-in 3-inch IPS display, you do have another option for interacting with the dashcam. The 70mai companion app can connect your iPhone to the imaging device for easier management of its functions.

This includes managing the duration of recordings, setting the video resolution, the G-sensor sensitivity, and other essential elements. You can also connect to the dashcam's Wi-Fi to view real-time footage from the camera sensor, and even use it to remotely take photographs.

All of the photos and videos are saved locally on the memory card, but are viewable from the app. A dedicated separate folder on the dashcam is used to secure emergency-related assets, which can also be downloaded to the device.

After using it for a month, 70mai's dash cam performs really well, with the high-quality footage it produces leaving no doubt about what it has captured on the public roads. The Smart Parking Guardian Mode is also a fantastic element, due to making it a little easier to leave the car in a car park with the knowledge that there's a bit more protection for the vehicle than most people will be used to.

All in a package that anyone can easily add to their own car or truck without too much trouble.

Available now

The 70mai 4K A810 Dash Cam is available to purchase now, priced below $200.