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Adonit Note+ 2 review: A cost-effective alternative stylus

The Adonit Note+ 2 is a great budget Apple Pencil USB-C equivalent for students and artists despite matching durability.

With the new USB-C Apple Pencil, it's apparent that Apple is trying to create a variety of Apple Pencils for different price ranges. Still, the third-party market for other styli is growing, especially with the Note+ 2 bringing similar functions at an even lower cost.

Adonit has been working on making iPad styli since 2010 and currently has over a dozen different iOS- and iPadOS-compatible styli.

Adonit Note+ 2 - Design & Use

The Adonit Note+ 2 has almost the same functions as the USB-C Apple pencil, the distinguishing differences being the different pen tips and two assignable shortcut buttons. It's also compatible with most iPads, 6th generation and newer.

The Note+ 2 has three pen tips: soft, medium, and hard. Soft and medium feel more cushiony, especially if you sketch or draw, but it wear out the quickest.

The hard tip feels more like a ballpoint pen and thus works best for note-taking over long periods.

The two shortcut buttons on the side make for a good substitute for the double-tap macro on the original Apple Pencil. However, programming these two shortcut buttons depends on which app you use, which Adonit outlines here.

In terms of portability, the Note+ 2 can be magnetically attached to your iPad, but it doesn't get charged magnetically. It takes approximately an hour to charge through USB-C. Although it doesn't take a long time to charge the device when it's idle, it feels like an eternity when you charge it while using it, particularly when the charging wire affects your writing speed.

We suggest charging the Adonit stylus every night if you use it for notes or art for more than eight hours a day. The LED light on the side of the stylus flashes red when the battery is low, but it might not be easy to notice while using it. This can result in unexpected shutdowns of the Note+ 2 stylus.

The palm rejection and pressure sensitivity are quite similar to our experience with a 2nd generation Apple Pencil, primarily from a note-taking perspective using Goodnotes 5.

The Note+ 2 is nearly the same length as the USB-C Apple Pencil at 165mm and is 6 grams lighter at 14 grams. Note +2 is made of aluminum but has a plastic cone and tip.

After over a month of use, we can say that the price difference with the Apple Pencil is mainly due to the difference in durability. The tips wear out faster, and the plastic cone may loosen slightly over time.

Still, nothing has broken, and the Note+ 2's quality hasn't deprecated during our use. Still, we can't see it outlasting an Apple Pencil or stylus with a sturdier structure.

Adonit Note+ 2 - Affordable alternative, perhaps not long term

If you're looking for an iPad stylus that performs well and is reasonably priced, the Adonit Note+ 2 is worth considering. Whether you're a student, a creative individual, or someone who needs shortcut buttons and different pen tips, this stylus can help you get the most out of your iPad.

Still, the durability raises doubts that the Note+ 2 could last multiple years, but the use case may vary.

Adonit Note+ 2 Pros

  • Three pen tips are provided
  • Lightweight, magnetically attached
  • Adequate quality for price provided

Adonit Note+ 2 Cons

  • Limited app-dependent button programming
  • Potentially limited durability

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Where to buy the Adonit Note+ 2

The Adonit Note+ 2 is available on Amazon for $69.99 and the Adonit store for $69.99.