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Comixology officially shelved in December as inferior Kindle service takes over

Comixology finally merges with Kindle in full

Users clinging to their Comixology collection are running out of time as the service will finally merge with Kindle on December 4.

Comixology users have had since early 2022 to migrate their collection, but the transition to Kindle has reportedly been a disaster. Those holding off on migration for fear of losing comics will need to pull the trigger soon, as Comixology is going away for good soon.

According to a report from GeekWire, comics readers are out of time. The writer performed the account migration from Comixology to Kindle, and while it was a nightmare before, it seems to be working fine now.

The Kindle app and browser tools have also been upgraded in light of this final transition. Users can easily hide read comics, sort and filter within the Kindle app, and should see all of their titles migrate without issue.

The report notes that the Comixology Unlimited subscription is meant to work within the Kindle app, but the tab for it doesn't work yet.

Comixology shared additional information and instructions in a post on X, embedded below.

The Kindle app isn't built with comics or manga in mind, so users are complaining that the experience is worse versus Comixology. Customers also complain that there is a notable lack of DRM free options in the Kindle store.

After the December 4 cutoff, users will no longer be able to access their collections within the Comixology app. The migration will still work after that date, but it isn't shared how long a user has to ensure no data is lost.