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Amazon's Black Friday AirTag deals drop prices to as low as $23.99


Amazon's Black Friday event is a can't-miss opportunity for Apple fans to snap up AirTag trackers at unbeatable prices in single and multi-packs.

These compact, powerful devices are a game-changer in keeping tabs on your personal items. Whether it's keys, bags, or even a hidden spot in your car, AirTags, integrated seamlessly with Apple technology, make locating your belongings a breeze.

Don't miss the chance to grab a single AirTag, normally $29, now just $23.99, a deal that slashes 17% off the regular price. Perfect for AirTag newbies, this discount is your ticket to experiencing their unmatched utility without breaking the bank.

Thinking of buying in bulk? The savings get even better. The four-pack, usually $99, is a steal at $79.99. It's the smart choice for families or anyone with several items to track.

The $20 savings is ideal for families or individuals with multiple items to track.

Amazon's Black Friday sale isn't limited to AirTags alone. The retail giant has also rolled out discounts on a variety of Apple accessories, including stylish and practical keyring holders designed explicitly for AirTags.

These accessories add a personal touch to the AirTags and enhance their portability and ease of attachment to various items.