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Halide plans first iPhone video app 'Kino' for February 2024 release

Cameras on the iPhone 15 Pro Max

The development team behind the Apple Design Award-winning camera app Halide is working on Kino, an iPhone app for video.

Halide has enjoyed considerable success as an iPhone camera app focused on photography. Now, the developers who made Halide are preparing to launch another app, this time for video.

Quietly teased by a pre-launch announcement video, it was revealed that a frequently asked question from Halide users queried when Halide will gain video capture. The team is "never" going to add video to Halide, but that it was going to make an entirely new app, Kino.

In 2017, Halide was launched because Apple had provided the ability to capture raw files for photographs, enabling sophisticated edits of iPhone shots. Since Apple announced Log video support for its iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, the team decided it was time to make a video app that capitalizes on it.

So far, the team has revealed that work has started, that a simple version of the app was used to record the announcement video, and that the app's name will be Kino. Also, unlike developing in secret and aiming for a big launch, the team will instead be working more openly, sharing development challenges along the way.

The app is far from complete, but Kino is expected to be released in February 2024.