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Belkin partners with AppleInsider to track down vintage cable for Mac users

Belkin is giving back to the Mac community this holiday season by helping vintage computer fans track down a much-needed cable in a partnership with AppleInsider.

In October, we wrote about Belkin's much-sought F2E9142-WHT ADC to DVI cable that has long since been out of production.

This cable was produced by Belkin for Apple Power Mac G4, Power Mac G4 Cube, and Power Mac G5 computers to connect to various monitors. This includes Apple's Cinema Display and Studio Display.

There's such a desire for this cable, it spawned a petition asking for Belkin to start manufacturing more of them. Resellers have started snatching them up and gouging people for upwards of $200 online.

"As a passionate member of the worldwide vintage Apple Mac community," wrote petitioner Grant Woodward. "I am deeply concerned about the discontinuation of the Belkin F2E9142-WHT ADC to DVI cable."

But this cable won't be coming back any time soon. It's niche and the connectors are too far out of date to warrant a new production run.

Instead, Belkin wants to make it easier for users to get one, without breaking the bank.

How to get or redistribute Belkin's F2E9142-WHT ADC to DVI cable

Running through the end of December, Belkin has partnered with AppleInsider to track down as many of these cables as possible. And, if you have one, Belkin will reward you for it.

Belkin's 40th Anniversary Treasure Hunt program will allow people who have one of these cables and no longer need it, to trade it in for a brand new Belkin product.

Belkin will then take these cables and connect them with vintage Mac owners who do need them. Everyone wins and Belkin can spread some holiday cheer.

Head over to Belkin's 40th Anniversary Treasure Hunt microsite where you can coordinate getting your cable to Belkin in exchange for some new gear. If you have been looking for one of them, you can reach out at [email protected].

The program is only running until December 31, 2023. Act fast if you have a cable or if you're trying to track one down.