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A soldier's iPhone stopped a bullet, saving his life

iPhone 15

An Israeli soldier's life was saved by his iPhone when it stopped a bullet, so he and his fellow soldiers were gifted new ones by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Rabi Shai Graucher.

The iPhone is rated against dust, water, and some extreme temperatures, but Apple has never shared if the device was bulletproof. Rare occurrences have led users to test that metric, and luckily come out unscathed.

The latest story comes from a post on X by the Living Lchaim account. The short post shares that a soldier's iPhone stopped a bullet and saved his life.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu paid a visit to the soldier and presumably his unit in the hospital alongside Rabi Shai Graucher. They presented the soldiers with new iPhones.

The iPhone shown in the video had a rugged case and what seemed to be a clear plastic backing. The bullet was able to go straight through the phone and push through the case, but at that point had lost its momentum and didn't severely injure its owner.

It isn't immediately clear what iPhone the soldier had, it seems it could have been an iPhone X based on a brief frame showing a vertical camera bump. Now, that soldier has the latest iPhone 15 after surviving a direct hit from a bullet.

While the iPhone and other Apple products have been known to save user's lives in the past, we're not certain that Apple will ever detail how bulletproof an iPhone might be.