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All iPhone 16 models to get A18 processor according to iOS 18 code leak

iPhone 16 could have A18

Apple could change course on its latest trend of using year-old processors in non-pro iPhones with iPhone 16, at least according to an alleged iOS 18 code leak.

The iPhone 15 got the iPhone 14 Pro's A16 processor, while the iPhone 15 Pro got the new A17 Pro. Apple has done this for only two iPhone cycles but could switch back to the previous scheme in 2024.

According to sources familiar with iOS 18 code speaking to MacRumors, the iPhone identifiers for the 2024 models indicate they all share the same processor series. Apple could still differentiate between standard and pro models with a "pro" chipset moniker, but that isn't clear in the leaked information.

The identifiers are:

  • D47: iPhone 16
  • D48: iPhone 16 Plus
  • D93: iPhone 16 Pro
  • D94: iPhone 16 Pro Max

Also missing from the identifiers is an indication of an "Ultra" model. Rumors have pointed to a more premium device above the iPhone Pro Max for a few years, but it has never materialized.

There is an identifier present to indicate Apple's in-house modem project — D84S. This is an iPhone 15 Pro Max running Apple's test modem.

Apple isn't set to announce the iPhone 16 lineup until September 2024, so hints from early code leaks like this may not reflect final release models. It is possible that Apple could go back to a single chipset family for the 2024 models, but color us skeptical.

We're upgrading this rumor from unlikely to possible to convey that it's been repeated by different sources. However, there isn't any way to know how accurate the anonymous code leaker may be.