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Microsoft Copilot AI chatbot arrives on App Store for iPhone and iPad

Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft Copilot has launched on the App Store for iPhone and iPad with hints of an incoming Mac app, and it has all of its AI chat assistant features.

Microsoft Copilot is a chat assistant powered by OpenAI, GPT-4, and DALLE 3 previously only available from desktop Chrome browsers. It can complete requests generate images, or summarize text.

Do everything from drafting emails to updating a job resume. This is the full Copilot experience.

The image creator allows users to tap into DALLE and generate synthetic AI images. Use prompts to generate new styles and ideas, develop brand motifs, create custom backgrounds, or visualize video storyboards.

We asked it to describe AppleInsider:

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The prompt was simple enough and it provided sources linked to our website. Generating an image requires an account.

The app is listed as iPhone and iPad only in the App Store, but the compatibility list includes the Mac. Users have to be running iOS 15 or iPadOS 15, and the Mac version requires an M1 processor and macOS Sonoma.

Get Microsoft Copilot from the App Store.