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Clicks brings a physical keyboard to your iPhone

Clicks for iPhone

Classic Blackberry fans rejoice, there's a new physical keyboard accessory built for your iPhone 15 Pro with backlit keys, shortcuts, and more.

Michael Fisher, aka MrMobile, co-founded a company called Clicks, which makes a tactile keyboard accessory for iPhone. The device fits iPhone like a case, attaches over the connecting port, and has power passthrough.

Clicks brings physical typing to a device that revolutionized typing on a display. While the iPhone keyboard is innovative, Clicks argues that it lacks the tactile feel of a real keyboard.

When a physical keyboard is attached to the iPhone, the digital one slides down, giving way to more content. On the iPhone 15 Pro the keyboard takes up almost half of the entire display.

The Clicks keyboard attaches to the iPhone via the port, Lightning for iPhone 14 Pro and USB-C for iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. Compatibility with other iPhone models is planned in future releases.

The keyboard doesn't have a battery and is powered by the connected iPhone. It has a backlight and supports keyboard shortcuts like CMD + Space to open Spotlight.

There are a few asterisks with using Clicks.

  • Not MagSafe compatible, though that could change in a future model.
  • Can't attach Clicks with other cases on iPhone.
  • The case isn't water resistant since splashes would ruin the keyboard.
  • CarPlay passthrough works with Lightning models, not USB-C models.
  • Wired EarPods will not work through Clicks

Clicks is only available in yellow and a grayish blue at launch, though more colors are planned. It only works with specific iPhone model designs, so a change to iPhone 16 Pro might make Clicks incompatible.

Clicks is available for $139 for the iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 15 Pro. The iPhone 15 Pro Max model is $159.