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Go wild with Bluetti with the debut of industry-first power solutions at CES 2024

Visit Bluetti at CES 2024.

The 2024 Consumer Electronics Show is underway between January 9th and 12th in Las Vegas, and Bluetti, a world leader in portable power station solutions, is showing off its lineup of innovative products.

While the current slate of power stations is formidable, Bluetti is releasing two breakthrough products for extreme outdoor needs: the SwapSolar power combo and AC240. These industry-changing products unlock an exciting world of powered outdoor activities, and you can catch your first glimpse in person at the Bluetti booth at CES 2024.

Bluetti SwapSolar: the ultimate all-in-one off-grid power solution

Bluetti's new SwapSolar is a revolutionary outdoor adventure companion that takes the popular AC180T portable power station and pairs it with a Bluetti MultiCooler portable refrigerator. This combination supports the swapping of batters to extend the capabilities of each device.

The revolutionary SolarSwap makes its debut.
The revolutionary SolarSwap makes its debut.

The AC180T is a capable device in its own right, with 1,433Wh of capacity, 1,800W output, and 2,700W lifting power. However, users can leverage the battery swap feature to remove two 716.8Wh battery packs for constant, instant, and reliable electricity on-demand.

As a comprehensive unit, the AC180T can function with both battery packs installed or with one pulling solo duty. That adaptability frees up the second battery to run the second component of this duo— the Bluetti MultiCooler.

Although the AC180T is a captivating platform, the Bluetti MultiCooler portable refrigerator is the real show-stopper. Its first accolade is that it's the world's first LFP-powered 3-in-1 portable fridge that takes the ice chest concept to a futuristic level.

The 3-in-1 functions cover everything you need for cold food storage, including the fridge, freezer, and even ice maker. It has a massive 40-liter capacity, which is the perfect size for moderate off-grid excursions lasting upwards of a week.

Further adding to the futuristic abilities is the wide temperature range users can control, which extends from as cold as -4*F - 68*F (-20*C - 20*C). This broad temperature range means you can cook with five-star ingredients during your next wilderness escape by keeping food cold.

That five-star dinner wouldn't be so elevated without ice for your favorite beverages, and the Bluetti MultiCooler ice-making proficiency will fill your glass in minutes. The MultiCooler accomplishes that feat by using advanced moving water technology not found in any other cooler.

You can ensure your food and drinks remain at the perfect temp with confidence, knowing you have several power options, including your car outlet with or without the AC180T's battery. Likewise, the fridge can run on solar panels or standard wall plugs.

Visitors to CES 2024 can experience SolarSwap firsthand at the Bluetti exhibition, and early adopters can secure one from the Indigogo crowdfunding. Buyers can expect SolarSwap to ship in February, which is plenty of time before spring adventures.

Bluetti AC240 is the latest model with a robust weather-resistant rating

Outdoor adventures mean encountering harsh conditions that demand rugged equipment designed to withstand the elements. Bluetti launched the AC60 portable power station to meet the challenges of outdoor lifestyles, but they are upping the ante with the new AC240, featuring up to 2,400W of power delivery.

The new Bluetti AC240 launching in April.
The new Bluetti AC240 launching in April.

The AC240 has the same IP65 water and dust-resistant rating found on the AC60, but with a massive 1,536Wh capacity, it's able to energize anything in your RV or boat. You can bring all your creature comforts, including coffee makers, heaters, and portable fridges, on even the longest excursions.

Charging the AC240 is rapid, with a charge time of only 70 minutes when using a 2,400W input. Or, you can use your off-grid Bluetti solar panels to provide charging in two hours with a 1,200W input.

To extend your getaways even longer, you can pair the AC240 with a B210 expansion battery to add an additional 2,150Wh of capacity. The B210 is also water-resistant, and linking up to four of these expansion batteries delivers more than 10,000Wh of capacity for authentic off-grid living.

Adventurers are not the only beneficiaries of the AC240's flexibility, as Bluetti designed it to integrate into a web of backup power storage. That web can include up to two AC240s and eight B210 expansion batteries for a mind-numbing 20,000Wh.

When used as a backup system, the AC240 can snap into action in as little as 15ms, thanks to the UPS. You'll never have to worry about electricity-dependant appliances again with the reliable power solutions showcased at CES 2024.

The AC240 portable power station launches this April on the Bluetti Amazon storefront. Keep an eye out for early-bird pricing coming soon.

Catch the diverse range of Bluetti power station solutions on display at CES 2024

Visitors to CES 2024 can experience a wide range of Bluetti power solutions on display through the exhibition. Be sure to check out some of these popular items you can explore:

  • The AC60P, Bluetti's first IP-65 rated portable power station
  • The AC2P, the most lightweight solution for outdoor adventure
  • The AC500 and AC300 modular systems, outdoor and indoor solutions
  • The EP900 and EP800 for reliable whole-home backup platforms

Bluetti's commitment to reliable energy for all is on display at CES 2024

Bluetti is showcasing reliable energy-providing solutions through its lineup of robust portable and home backup power solutions. These products on display include the AC240 and SwapSolar newcomers, along with several other popular units.

Bluetti's LAAF program.
Bluetti's LAAF program.

These solutions provide clean, stable, and consistent electricity to power everything from cabin escapes and fishing trips to storm-resistant backup assurance. Plus, users can feel a sense of pride when using Bluetti's products as the company commits to bringing this much-needed resource to the most impoverished places.

Bluetti highlights that commitment through the Lighting an African Family (LAAF) program designed to provide free solar power to the darkest regions of the map. To date, the program serves more than 100,000 families across Nigeria, Kenya, and Cameroon.

Don't miss Bluetti at CES 2024. You can find them at the Las Vegas Convention Center January 9th-12th at the #LVCC-North Hall 9645 booth. See for yourself how Bluetti can electrify your power demands, whether you're out in the elements or at home during an outage.