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Apple Vision Pro expected to launch in February

Apple Vision Pro

Apple is starting to prepare for the launch of the Apple Vision Pro, with stock arriving at distribution centers and stores getting ready for a release in February.

Apple's inbound mixed-reality headset has always been slated for an early 2024 launch in the United States. While rumors claimed an end of January launch was a possibility, it now seems that a February introduction could be on hand.

Writing in Sunday's "Power On" newsletter for Bloomberg, Mark Gurman claims the headset is being shipped out to warehouses across the United States "in small quantities" before being ent out to Apple Stores. There is believed to be enough supplies available for a launch in February.

Apple is also expected to make some form of announcement about the Apple Vision Pro within the next week, to steal some of the attention away from the upcoming CES.

Continuing previous reports, Apple has started to fly two to four retail employees from U.S. Apple Stores to Cupertino for training for a new product, which isn't mentioned but is "obviously" the headset.

The plan is for those employees to return to their home stores to train others on the Apple Vision Pro. All U.S. stores will apparently have three-hour meetings for all employees on January 21, which are believed to be when the in-store training will take place, with further training expected in later days.

Later in the week and into the following week, stores will start to receive new inventory racks, as well as start to change out backroom equipment.