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Lockly introduces its first Home Key enabled lock alongside a Matter hub

Lockly Visage

At CES 2024, Lockly is releasing its first Apple Home Key-compatible smart lock plus a new Matter hub to bring support to many existing Lockly products.

Despite an expansive portfolio, none of Lockly's products have worked with Apple's smart home platform. That changes with the brand's CES announcements.

Lockly Visage will be the company's first smart lock to work with Apple Home, Home Key, and Matter out of the box. It connects via Wi-Fi, won't require any external hub, and uses facial recognition for keyless entry.

Lockly Visage with HomeKey and facial recognition
Lockly Visage with HomeKey and facial recognition

As a benefit to Apple users, this is a native integration with Apple Home and not solely dependent on using Matter.

Other methods of entry include RFID cards, fingerprint scanning, physical keypad, or temporary access granted by the Lockly app.

"Smart home technology is rapidly advancing with standards like Matter at the forefront of seamless connectivity," said Cindy Zhou, EVP of Operations at Lockly. "Our goal was to ensure that both our current loyal customers, as well as those that purchase new devices, could enjoy these advancements without having to replace their entire device."

"At Lockly, we prioritize security along with innovation to ensure our products don't just work well independently but integrate flawlessly into smart home ecosystems without compromise."

For customers of the brand's existing smart locks, it is also introducing the Matter Link hub.

Lockly Link Matter hub
Lockly Link Matter hub

This simple hub connects to a power supply to bring Matter — and Apple HomeKit — support to Flex Touch, Access Touch, and Secure Plus locks.

The Lockly Matter Link hub will be priced at $79.99 when it ships later this year. The Lockly Visage will retail for $349.99 and ship in several finishes this summer.