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Scosche unveils Qi2 chargers & MagSafe mounts at CES 2024

BaseLynx 2.0 Modular Charging System

Scosche Industries unveils a groundbreaking lineup of Qi2-certified chargers, MagSafe-compatible mounts, and innovative charging solutions at CES 2024.

At the 2024 CES event in Las Vegas, Scosche is set to update the market with its latest array of Qi2-certified chargers and MagSafe-compatible mounts. These offerings, including the versatile MagicMount Elite Charge 3-in-1 and the customizable BaseLynx 2.0 Modular Charging System, cater to the evolving needs of contemporary gadget users.

BaseLynx 2.0 Modular Charging System

The BaseLynx 2.0 Modular Charging System, featuring a Qi2-certified magnetic wireless charging stand, is another standout. The customizable system is designed to charge Qi2-enabled phones along with an AirPods Wireless Charging Case.

A sleek, modern desk organizer with built-in outlets, USB ports, and charging docks, surrounded by branded packaging.

It includes four interchangeable modules: the Qi2 Wireless Charging Stand, the Multi-Device Vertical Charger, the Apple Watch Magnetic Charger, and the Powered EndCap with a 67W USB-C port and a 120V AC outlet. The white BaseLynx 2.0 system with MagSafe is exclusively available at and select Apple stores.

MagicMount Elite Charge 3-in-1

Scosche's MagSafe Compatible MagicMount wireless charging phone mounts are also on display, capable of quickly charging both MagSafe iPhone models and non-MagSafe iPhone and Android models, thanks to the included MagicRing Adapter.

The company's new range of PowerVolt wall chargers, featuring GaN technology, promises safe, cool, and efficient charging for all portable devices, from phones to notebooks. These chargers come in various power options, with some models made from 75% certified post-consumer recycled plastics and featuring folding prongs for easy travel.

PowerVolt 40W dual USB-C port car adapter

The new Scosche PowerVolt 40W dual USB-C port car adapter also offers convenient in-vehicle charging with a sleek design. The StrikeLine Charge and Sync cables, including the new USB4 High-Performance cable and the innovative StrikeLine Cobra magnetic cable, complement these charging solutions.

The Cobra's braided jacket is integrated with magnets, allowing it to remain neatly coiled for an organized desk or to attach to a magnetic surface. It can also coil on itself to function as a phone mount.

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