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Withings BeamO is a 4-in-1 checkup device that does more than take your temperature

Withings BeamO

The new Withings BeamO, announced at CES 2024, is a 4-in-1 connected home checkup device that aims to do much more than your standard smart thermometer.

This new multiscope contains all the sensors found in an ECG, stethoscope, thermometer, and pulse oximeter to cover many of the vitals collected during a checkup.

It's a handheld device similar in size to most external thermometers but has electrodes located on either side. With a light grip, it can capture SpO2 readings at the same time as a medical-grade 1-lead ECG.

There's a newly developed mono-element thermophile used to take contactless temperatures that is more precise than what is found in the existing Withings Thermo.

Finally, a digital stethoscope can capture chest or back acoustic waves by using a Piezoelectric disc. Headphones can also be connected by using its USB-C to headphone jack adapter. This sound can be saved and shared during a telehealth appointment.

BeamO data syncs with Apple Health
BeamO data syncs with Apple Health

"BeamO is a transformative multiscope device. Once, body temperature was the only health scan routinely taken at home. BeamO will revolutionize the measurement of the core vitals carried out during medical visits from the comfort of one's own home." Said Eric Carreel, Founder and President of Withings.

"This crucial data will provide a vital overview of overall health or warning signs of potential areas of concern. Instead of measuring these stats a couple of times a year in a clinical setting, it will be possible to assess them every day. BeamO will be the thermometer of the future, providing the ability to assess temperature and observe the state of the heart and lungs."

Following FDA clearance, the BeamO will be able to detect everything from a fever to aFib. Results are displayed via the colorful LED display.

Results are also automatically uploaded to the users Withings app via Wi-Fi and shared with family members or physicians.

Withings BeamO will be available in June for $249 pending FDA approval.

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