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Expand CarPlay & Android Auto in-car capabilities with an Ottocast device that enriches the driver and passenger experience

Ottocast launches the AIBox P3 with new features and UI.

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Commuters and car enthusiasts can't live without CarPlay or Android Auto, but the pre-installed UI has its limitations. Ottocast looks to remove those limits with solutions designed to expand your in-car experience.

We explore what Ottocast is all about, some of their in-car solutions that make driving more enjoyable, and what makes their latest product, the AIBox P3, so great. Plus, AppleInsider readers have an opportunity to save $70 with an exclusive coupon code.

Change how you experience CarPlay/Android Auto with Ottocast introduction

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are invaluable tools for drivers, enabling centralized control of primary apps that make being in the car more enjoyable. However, there are some glaring drawbacks, such as vehicle availability and unwieldy cords.

An Ottocast solution for iPhone and Android.
An Ottocast solution for iPhone and Android.

To combat these challenges, Ottocast offers a lineup of products designed to provide CarPlay capabilities and customizable infotainment experiences while eliminating unsightly cables. These products include the OTTOULTRA, the OttoScreen, and the OttoAibox P3.

Ottocast got its start in 2009 in Hong Kong and has since grown into a competitive in-car entertainment solution that helps provide drivers with a better and safer experience.

Ottocast has a product for every scenario in their catalog

Ottocast has an entire lineup of products that help car enthusiasts, daily commuters, and luxury-seekers make the most of your existing CarPlay technology. Plus, other products bring the tech to vehicles that lack native in-car CarPlay infotainment systems.

The Ottocast MX
The Ottocast MX

The Ottoadapter lineup includes devices that remove the need to connect your phone to in-car CarPlay and Android Auto infotainment systems. Devices like the MX serve as a 3-in-1 wireless CarPlay/Android Auto adaptor, allowing you to enjoy a wireless infotainment experience with virtually no delay and without the need for extra downloads.

Those looking for a complete on-the-go media station should go with an OttoAibox, which connects to headrest-mounted monitors, car infotainment systems, and even home TVs. These advanced in-car entertainment hubs come powered by an Android operating system that lets users download any app from the Google Play Store while on the road or at home.

Although many vehicles come pre-installed with CarPlay and Android Auto, many still don't, and even GM is yanking the technology from future infotainment systems. That's what makes OttoScreen a must-have device.

OttoScreen brings CarPlay/Android Auto features to vehicles without it, even motorcycles. It is a dedicated second-screen infotainment system designed to eliminate distractions while providing the same navigation, music selection, and app delivery as CarPlay.

The OttoScreen brings CarPlay to cars without it.
The OttoScreen brings CarPlay to cars without it.

Bring a customized user interface to your CarPlay/Android Auto infotainment system with the OTTOULTRA. The OTTOULTRA eliminates cables while allowing users to personalize their in-car experience to suit their needs.

To bring everything together, users can download the OttoPilot app that keeps your products up-to-date with firmware updates. Plus, keep track of interactions with the Ottocast support team and receive help whenever you need it.

Ottocast OttoAibox P3 unlocks ultimate control of your infotainment system

Take ultimate control of your car's infotainment system with the Ottocast OttoAibox P3. The AIBOX P3 offers seamless switching between CarPlay, Android Auto, and OttoDrive 2.0 OS with just the click of a button.

The OttoAibox P3 is the ultimate entertainment product, with the ability to be used in many scenarios, such as a video projector, in-car video displays, and even home TVs. The OttoAibox P3 can download apps, including games, and with the help of the Android 12 OS built-in, you can even customize homepages.

OttoAiBox P3 is an all-in-one media solution.
OttoAiBox P3 is an all-in-one media solution.

The OttoAibox P3 comes with an updated user interface when compared with other OttoAibox products. That interface brings with it features like a split screen, customizable homepages, control center quick-view, focused driving mode, ambient light, and headrest HDMI output to keep the kids occupied.

The OttoAibox P3 also works at home, in the office, or in trailers and RVs. It's compatible with Bluetooth 5.0 and has upgraded memory over other AIBox units with 6GB RAM and 128GB of onboard storage, with SD card support for up to 256GB.

It features a new cooling system that allows operating in temperatures even the most daring individuals wouldn't brave. For a limited time, AppleInsider readers can enjoy $70 off the P3 when using the coupon code Appleinsider at checkout.

Upgrade your in-car infotainment experience with Ottocast

This holiday season, upgrade your in-car entertainment experience with one of Ottocast's companion products for CarPlay and Android Auto. Don't settle for faulty Bluetooth receivers and awkward solutions and opt instead for the reliability of an Ottocast solution.

Bring home products, like the OttoScreen, which unlocks a new world of CarPlay capabilities in vehicles where it doesn't come pre-installed. Likewise, products like the new OttoAibox P3 bring ultimate control with features that extend outside the car to act as a portable, all-in-one entertainment hub.

For a limited time, shoppers can find discounts on several of Ottocast's products, and shoppers with their eyes on the AIBox P3 can save even more. Simply enter the Appleinsider code at checkout and save $70 instantly.