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Magnetic cables were a sleeper hit at CES 2024

Magnetic cables are looking a lot nicer at CES 2024

While everyone is jazzed about the use of AI, self-stabilizing robots, and flashy mixed-reality glasses, on the show floor, we saw hordes of people excited over a new wave of magnetic cables that are preparing to launch.

An updated cable isn't exactly a flashy piece of tech, but it's a necessity for everyone. If there's a new evolution that makes them easier to cope with, we're all better for it.

Magnetic cables aren't wholly new. Supercalla came out with the first versions with visible external magnets years ago and has iterated on them since.

At CES 2024, we saw new versions hitting the market from Scosche, Rolling Square, and other lesser-known brands that are rocking a new design.

Rolling Square magnetic cable
Rolling Square magnetic cable

These new USB-C cables have soft, nylon weaving around the outside that obscures the magnetic magic that hides within. The woven exterior is also more durable.

Original Supercalla magnetic cable
Original Supercalla magnetic cable

Supercalla cables have magnets positioned at different intervals which controlled the size of the coils you could make. These new cables have magnets all the way through, adjusting to any size coils that makes sense for you.

There is one downside with these new designs though, which is speed. Currently, most cables we saw were limited to only 60W of power.

Scosche Strikeline Cobra magnetic cable
Scosche Strikeline Cobra magnetic cable

Scosche and Rolling Square assured AppleInsider that these were only the initial products and they'd have 100W versions launching very soon.

It's comical watching the reactions of the passersby at CES when they're entirely unimpressed with AI-powered grills, but they stop and stare at a USB-C cable with hidden magnets.

The Scosche Strikeline Cobra will launch this spring, in black and white in 3ft and 6ft versions. Rolling Square will hit the market with equivalent cables. Pricing for both lines has not been released.