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Wireless CarPlay upgrade coming to select Honda Accords later in 2024


Select Honda Accord models with CarPlay will be eligible for a wireless CarPlay upgrade later in 2024, but upgrade pricing is unknown.

Wireless CarPlay has existed since 2017, but it only became more widely available in recent years. Honda is offering customers the chance to upgrade their CarPlay experience to wireless via an in-shop upgrade.

According to Autoblog, the wireless CarPlay upgrade is a simple software update that is performed by a service technician at a dealership. Pricing for the upgrade will likely be limited to labor since no new part installation is required, but that isn't known at the time of publication.

The 2018 to 2022 Honda Accord are eligible for the wireless CarPlay upgrade. Honda hasn't announced if it plans to perform similar upgrades for its other models.

Wired versus wireless CarPlay have individual benefits, but the convenience of automatically connecting when the car starts is useful. However, the user will need to remember to plug in or wirelessly charge their iPhone.

Customers will need to check in with their official Honda service centers for when appointments can be made for the upgrade. Honda plans to make the wireless CarPlay upgrade available sometime later in 2024.