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Apple is enhancing reports about what it knows about EU users in iOS 17.4

Apple's Data and Privacy login screen

On top of everything else Apple announced on Thursday about European Union Digital Markets Act compliance, the company is also expanding what it provides to users that request a copy of their data, and will provide an export tool for it as well.

The announcement of the enhanced tools and data collection categories in iOS 17.4 warranted just a single line in the omnibus announcementearlier on Thursday. However, it appears that what Apple will spell out to users, and those that the user authorizes to receive the data that Apple has, will radically expand.

In its developer support pages for the European Union Digital Markets Act changes, Apple has a very brief summary of this aspect of the release.

To reflect the DMA's changes, Apple's Data & Privacy site will be enhanced to provide users with additional App Store data categories and provide users the ability to consent to exporting this data to authorized alternative app marketplace developers. To help ensure that the intended uses of this sensitive user data meet user expectations, marketplace developers are responsible for meeting minimum eligibility requirements before they may access the Account Data Transfer API for requesting this data within their interfaces.

There is no data provided right now that spells out the enhanced categories, or any difference in the data transfer process.

As it stands for all users now, the data that Apple provides by default includes app usage and activity information, documents and photos in original formate, plus contact and calendar information. Other categories that can be specifically requested include Apple Store and retail activity, support history, Game Center activity, iCloud bookmarks, Maps issue reporting, and other marketing information.

Following the request, the data can take some time to deliver. It's not clear if this will be shortened in the EU, as there is no provision in the DMA for timetable for delivery.

As with most of the specifics in how Apple will implement the changes in iOS 17.4 for compliance, Apple now says that "additional information about the API entitlement request form will be available in March."