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Apple to see little impact from EU regulations, says investing firm

Apple's EU changes won't have impact on revenue

J.P. Morgan says Apple won't see much immediate impact on App Store revenue due to how its new fee structure is arranged, but regulators around are likely eyeing the solution.

Apple has changed how it does business in the EU due to the Digital Markets Act. Amongst other changes, it reduced its overall commission from 30% to 17% and added a fifty-cent fee on all apps downloaded after a developer passes 1 million downloads.

According to a finance note seen by AppleInsider from J.P. Morgan, these changes will have little impact on Apple. The fifty-cent fee will balance out the reduced commissions, and Europe only accounts for about 6% of App Store revenue.

Changes to the App Store market in the EU are restricted to that region. However, regulators around the world may seek to achieve similar results. The United States, for example, is already "firing on all cylinders" in an antitrust investigation on Apple's App Store.

The implementations for Apple's App Store changes in the EU won't go into effect until iOS 17.4 is released in March. The beta for the update released earlier Thursday.