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Apple Music & iTunes resume after outage while AppleCare+ is still down

Apple Music outage has been fixed

Apple Music and iTunes services are now operational again after an outage. However, AppleCare on Device is still not operational.

Following recent service disruptions on Monday, Apple has successfully resolved the issues affecting Apple Music and the iTunes Store. Users had encountered difficulties, including non-functional "Home" and "Listen Now" tabs in Apple Music and the inability to play songs across various devices, starting around 1:20 pm.

The initial outage, which also impacted the iTunes Store, saw Mac users facing error messages when attempting to play certain tracks and experiencing playlist issues. iPhone users reported a complete inability to play or select songs.

Apple's system status page had confirmed these outages, attributing them to "intermittent issues."

With the restoration of Apple Music and the iTunes Store, users can enjoy uninterrupted access to their music and other media content.

However, while these services are now back online, AppleCare on devices is still experiencing an outage. The ongoing issue affects users seeking support through AppleCare on their devices.

AppleCare on device, typically known as AppleCare+, is an extended warranty and technical support service Apple provides for its hardware products.