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Explore the Starship Enterprise with Apple Vision Pro

Star Trek Experience for Apple Vision Pro (Source: Deadline)

A new "Star Trek" Spatial Experience has been made exclusively for the new Apple Vision Pro, featuring two hours of high image quality footage from all eras of the show and its films.

As briefly mentioned by Apple in its roundup of native Apple Vision Pro apps, the Roddenberry Archive is bringing a "Star Trek" experience to the device. In conjunction with OTOY Paramount Game Studios, the Gene Roddenberry Estate's new project spans every "Star Trek" show from the last 60 years.

According to Deadline, users can sit at Quark's bar from "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine," or peruse the shelf in Captain Kirk's quarters from the original show.

"Through our multi-decade collaboration with OTOY, we have been working to push the frontiers of immersive technology to fulfill my father's legacy, creative intent, and ideas," Rod Roddenberry, President of Roddenberry Entertainment, said in a statement to the publication, "in ways that can be experienced today and by generations yet to come."

Calling it "a remarkable milestone in realizing my father's vision for the Holodeck," Roddenberry says the project has also realized a dream of his mother's.

"This release also fulfills one of my mother's greatest wishes," he said. "She recorded her phenoms in 2008 before her passing, to have her voice live on in posterity."

"It is deeply moving for me to be able to have her voice now narrate portions of the archive," he continued.

The Apple Vision Pro experience reportedly uses 1-meter by 1-meter light field cubes that are displayed at 90-frames-per-second in 4K resolution per eye.

It includes a number of what Deadline calls downloadable holographic objects. That will mean "Star Trek" objects that users can react to, in the same way that Apple has shown a headset wearer interacting with a butterfly in its Apple Vision Pro guided tour.