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Want to try Apple Vision Pro? Apple has plenty of appointments

Apple Vision Pro demo tray

Apple opened up in-store appointments for Apple Vision Pro tryouts on Monday, and we highly recommend taking advantage of one of these slots before you drop at least $3499.

Even before Apple Vision Pro was in consumers' hands, it was polarizing. Like with any consumer product, there were the proponents and the antagonists.

And with any launch the emotion behind the two opinions remains extreme.

Don't let the quiet launches fool or sway you, though. Apple's flagship store in New York City had a decent crowd, but we've seen much larger recently. All of the metro DC stores we have contacts with talked about having just a handful of people on Friday and over the weekend per day, looking to get time with the headset.

But those same folks are telling us that while not every in-store reserved demo slot is full, they're seeing more and more people every day. And, most of the folks getting demonstrations are saying that they've seen escalating coverage on mainstream media, social media, and on sites like AppleInsider.

Our US-based staffers have had ours for a few days now after some of us getting our in-store demo, and we can say, across the entire staff, that a guided walk-through of key features from an Apple employee is the best demonstration possible. Apple staff are trained, ready, and waiting to do this — and that demo beats fumbling around with the technology on your own.

If you have glasses, Apple will measure them to be sure that you get the right Zeiss lens attachments. They will measure your head, make sure you have the right size of all the fabric components, and show you how the headset fits — because that is absolutely crucial for proper use and clear visuals.

Consider it a kickstart to your Apple Vision Pro experience before you take it home. And, as a bonus, you'll know from the get-go if the concept is for you or not, without forking over that $3499 plus tax.

Close-up of Apple Vision Pro resting on textured fabric sofa arm, with a wooden armrest in the background.
Apple Vision Pro in its natural habitat — at home

Meta doesn't have stores, and Microsoft absolutely failed to demonstrate HoloLens effectively in its retail arm. Apple has stores, and it isn't afraid to tell you about Apple Vision Pro. Let Apple employees tell you that story, and give you the guided tour.

An Apple Store employee walks you through the device and its features via a scripted session that takes about half an hour. You'll get walked through Safari, Photos, and a special Apple-produced video demonstrating media prowess of the headset.

A spot-check of the reservation system on the morning of February 6 shows same-day appointments in all of the major metropolitan areas we checked. At the very least, if you get one of these slots to try the unit, it will be a better yes or no litmus test if you're on the fence. You'll get to try gestures, and see the eye tracking and interface.

While Wes Hilliard and I don't have the same opinions on the headset and applicability to today's Apple user, I do agree with one sentiment he's expressed — this product must be used first hand to understand in full.

What you'll get at that demo is a well-orchestrated demonstration of what the platform excels at. What you won't get is fine details of the product, or tips and tricks for everyday use. Those are best discovered yourself, and from AppleInsider.